5 Easy Easter Sunday Celebration Ideas for Kids


Lent officially ends today, and we are invited to enter more deeply into a time of reflection and sacrifice.

Today is also the first day of the Easter Triduum, and we are called to remember Jesus’ passion and death in a deeper way. More than that, we are called to remember (and celebrate!) His Resurrection and victory over sin and death, particularly on Easter Sunday.

If you and your family want to celebrate Easter Sunday in a more meaningful way, but are stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions:

1. Make a Resurrection set and/or sensory bin.

Lacy Rabideau of Catholic Icing has a printable Resurrection set, which you can use alone or in a homemade sensory bin, which will be a hit with your younger kids. You can check out this link for Lacy’s post on that and more great Easter celebration ideas.

To make a Resurrection/Easter sensory bin, you can use materials found in the Home Section of most department stores: pebbles, sand, “mossy stones” and fake moss. Use rice, sand or other similar material for your “ground,” and popsicle sticks and tape for crosses.


You can use your Resurrection set and/or sensory bin to “act out” the Easter story with your kids. You can use the printables from Lacy’s set to do so, or other dolls around the house.

2. Put up a “Resurrection story” play.

If your kids are up to it, try really acting out the Resurrection story with your kids — assign roles to each member of the family and have them act out the story of Jesus’ rising from the dead as someone reads it out. This is a perfect excuse to come up with instant homemade costumes! Keep it simple so that you won’t be stressed out — focus on the why of your story more than anything else.

3. Read the Bible story of how Jesus rose again.


Snuggle up with your kids’ Bible (or any Bible) and read the story of the Resurrection. Be in character and use the appropriate “voices” if necessary. If you have finger puppets, you can use them as props.

4. Have an Easter Treasure Hunt.

Tina Rodriguez of Truly Rich Mom started this tradition with her children a few years ago, and you can read about it on her old preschool homeschool blog here. Here are some ideas for Easter “treasures”:

– Easter-themed and faith-themed books (from Booksale, Books for Less or other bookstores)

– Books on the lives of saints and one-decade rosaries (stored in cute little eggs) {available at St. Paul’s bookstore}

– DVDs/VCDs that are “faith-themed,” like Bernie Bear DVDs from The Learning Basket

– A few sweets and chocolates

5. Have an Easter party, celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection.

philstar.com-first photo

This doesn’t have to be complicated — just get a cake ready that has “Alleluia, Jesus is Risen” on it (store-bought or bake one yourselves), let the kids blow the candles — you MUST have candles of course! — and play some party games, including your Easter Treasure Hunt. For more ideas, you can click here. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the suggestions though! Just pick and choose which ones are easiest for you.

In case you want more ideas, check out the following sites: Catholic Icing, Catholic Inspired and Tommy Nelson (this one has GREAT ideas if you’re doing things last-minute!). Have a blessed Easter ahead, everyone (and don’t forget — you have 50 days to celebrate it)!


Note: Some of the photos here and parts of this post originally appeared on TrulyRichMom.com. They are used here with permission. For more unconventional ways to celebrate Easter Sunday, visit Philstar.com.

Photo source for first photo: Wikipedia

Posted on April 2, 2015 in For Catholic Families

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