Make Your Kids
Happy Millionaires (Part 2)

16 Steps To Train Your Children To Become Truly Rich In a previous post, I talked about the first 8 Steps on helping your kids to become wealthy. Here are the next 8:   Step 9: Teach Them to Tithe Important: Ask them to tithe from their allowance and earnings. By starting early, you’re helping them create a…

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Lessons Learned In and Out of Homeschool

  A former CFA student lists down the valuable lessons he discovered from studying at home and later, outside it. I was hesitant to try a non-traditional learning program because I thought I’d never get to see my friends again. The only thing that convinced me to do so was the idea of early dismissal. I was lonely…

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Funnies by Teens
by Gian Obre

Gian Obre is a CFA Senior High homeschooler under the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Track. He likes watching TV Shows and plays the guitar.

Talented CFA Homeschooler :
Jianna Marielle Prado

  Jianna Marielle Prado, Jia for short, Grade 6, plays the violin and is part of the CFA Orchestra. But aside from her being in love with music, she is passionate with her drawings too! She loves doing her sketches. One day, her mom, Bel, was amazed when Jia was able to find a good and free drawing…

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About Confession

  How often do you go to Confession? Me, I try to go once a month. In our family, I’ve been rallying my sons to receive this Sacrament monthly. But so far I’ve not been able to convince them. (Just goes to show who needs the Sacrament the most!) And to think that once upon a time…

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Learning Our Lessons the Best Way

  How about some words of wisdom from seasoned homeschooling mother and son, Scarlet and CJ Carranza of Makati City to help you get by? Mommy Scarlet says, “We homeschool because we love our children.”  Homeschooling isn’t just about bringing the classroom into your very own living room —or bedroom or dining room, as the case may be.…

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Plan Your Life

  CFA graduate reveals his strategy on what he did for a smooth sailing school life. Hi! My name is Michael. Today, I will be teaching you about some basic stuff about CFA. CFA offers a homeschool program and you, as a homeschooler, own your time while studying inside your house. As you go up to a higher…

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Make Your Kids Happy Millionaires (Part 1)

16 Steps To Train Your Children To Become Truly Rich Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy.  — Lazarus Long Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. — Proverbs 22:6 One day, my friend gave her clothes to…

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Funnies By Teens
by Noriz Mora

  Noriz Mora is a CFA Grade 10 Completer (2017). She likes webcomics, and is frustrated that women’s pants don’t have deep pockets.

Heart Work

  We had a very busy summer. My boys were in summer camps and musical theater classes. Bo and I led a Marian pilgrimage and had several summer outings with ministry leaders, staff and family. And though it was officially vacation time, my boys continued to learn—probably much more than through their regular homeschool lessons. Bene grew in leadership…

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