Funnies By Kids

by Noriz Mora   Noriz Mora is a CFA Grade 10 Completer (2017). She likes webcomics, and is frustrated that women’s pants don’t have deep pockets.

Heart Work

  We had a very busy summer. My boys were in summer camps and musical theater classes. Bo and I led a Marian pilgrimage and had several summer outings with ministry leaders, staff and family. And though it was officially vacation time, my boys continued to learn—probably much more than through their regular homeschool lessons. Bene grew in leadership…

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Surviving Homeschooling

  A first-time homeschooler looks back at her and her daughter’s homeschooling journey and shares how they managed. Back in March, as I finished my Skype conference with Parent Coach Irene, I felt ambivalent. After discussing Nicey’s academic progress and sharing a good laugh as I told her stories about our last stretch for the school year, I…

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Instead Of Anger, Here Are 5 Tools That You Can Use

  Some people behave like their only tool is anger. When they’re impatient, they get angry. When they’re frustrated, they get angry. When they’re afraid, they get angry. When they’re tired, they get angry. When they’re confused, they get angry. Today, I’m here to announce to you that your toolbox contains other powerful tools. Anger is…

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Making the Most of Homeschooling

          It was 2008 when my parents decided to take a leap of faith, making the decision to transfer me to Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA).      I honestly wasn’t quite sure about it at first. Back then, I was 8 years old, enrolled in a conventional private school in my home province. I was in the third…

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When Less is More

          2016. My 7th year as a homeschooling mom. I wish I can tell you that the past years have been easy and how teaching two children, who are polar opposites when it comes to learning, is a walk in the park. I can’t.             I wish I can also tell you how much I deserve…

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How To Help Your Kids Hang Out With Mentors

Attention: Parents Worried For Their Kids’ Future… How To Help Your Kids Hangout With Mentors Homeschooling Your Children Means Giving Them The Time And Space To Get Mentored By The Best             Have you ever asked these questions before?             Will students with the highest grades in school end up having the happiest marriages? Will…

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Bo Sanchez with wife Marowe

I Still Date My GF

So far, I’ve had 884 romantic dates with her. Our date nights are sacred. Unless it’s an invitation from the President of the Republic, I say no to all invitations and meetings.  Our relationship is what it is today because of those precious dates. By the way, did you know she has magical powers? When…

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It’s The Small Things That Count

I have a goal: To help you create a great family. Today, I’ll describe to you my first mentor on family life—my Dad. If you’ve been reading my stuff for some time now, you may find this story familiar.  But that’s okay.  Read it again and be reminded that in creating a great family, it’s…

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We’re 10 Years Old!

I can’t believe it. God has been soooooooo good to CFA, we’re celebrating 10 years of His faithfulness and our failures, fumbles, and faults. My admiration and applause goes to the selfless CFA Team who made these ten years fly like we just started yesterday. And finally, thanks to YOU for being part of the…

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