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We had a very busy summer.

My boys were in summer camps and musical theater classes. Bo and I led a Marian pilgrimage and had several summer outings with ministry leaders, staff and family.

And though it was officially vacation time, my boys continued to learn—probably much more than through their regular homeschool lessons. Bene grew in leadership as he was over-all camp head for Camp Calye, the annual youth event of the Light of Jesus Family which happens in different dates and several venues. And Francis grew in confidence on and off stage. These priceless qualities— leadership and confidence—trumps knowing grammar rules and the multiplication table anytime.

While it was supposed to be fun, fun, fun, I really felt that we deepened in our relationship with God. Bene told me that the Lord spoke to him in the youth camps about saying a bigger Yes to Him. Every morning, Francis and I would share God’s personal Word to us after reading the Bible. And Bo… well, you know, he’s Bo.

Before I knew it, summer’s over and the new homeschooling year is here. I always have these butterflies in my stomach at the start of every homeschooling year. Of course, I’m excited. But to be honest, I’m also apprehensive. I have these questions running in my head: Will I be able to teach Francis effectively? Will he enjoy? Will he really learn? Will I be able to do a good job as his teacher? (I know. I’ve been homeschooling for 14 years now, so I should know the answers to these questions, right? Well, now you know: Self-doubt is one of my weaknesses.)

But as I go before the Lord with all my concerns, I get His assurance. That the same God who met us in the past homeschool years will meet us this homeschool year, too. That the same Jesus who spoke to us during our summer vacation will be the same Jesus who will speak to us in our lessons.

If you have worries same as mine or not, remember: God is with you. He will never leave you. He will walk with you every single day.

Welcome to Homeschool Year 2017-2018!




Marowe Sanchez

Posted on July 15, 2017 in Fun, Journal, Places, Travel

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