Homeschooling is God’s Plan for Me (and Maybe It Is for You, Too)

homeschooling in the philippines

By Rhia Macatol

The past school year was one of the most challenging for me, especially when it came to homeschooling my kids.

homeschooling in the philippines

I thank God for helping me surpass the challenges, which taught me to spread my wings and soar against the wind. They have strengthened my own sense of life purpose as a wife, mother and teacher of my kids.

I also thank God for sending me other homeschooling parents who have inspired me to move forward in this journey.

homeschooling in the philippines

Through homeschooling, I have found God’s real plan for me. Serving my family is serving God. I have crosses to carry along this path and I’ve learned how to embrace each one with love for the Lord. These crosses have brought me closer to God.

Rhia Macatol and her husband, Marvin, are committed to homeschooling their children for as long as God calls them to do so. Marvin writes about their homeschooling adventures (and more!) on his blog

Do you want to find out if homeschooling is part of God's plan for you and your family?

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