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How about some words of wisdom from seasoned homeschooling mother and son, Scarlet and CJ Carranza of Makati City to help you get by?

Mommy Scarlet says, “We homeschool because we love our children.” 

Homeschooling isn’t just about bringing the classroom into your very own living room —or bedroom or dining room, as the case may be. It’s a whole new learning lifestyle where every moment becomes a teaching and learning moment for you and your child, or children — in the midst of laughter, boredom, frustration and yes, even tears.

Uh-oh. Did I scare you? Not to worry. Seasoned homeschoolers have been through this time and again. We go through a honeymoon-high stage when we are just so excited to begin reading our newly-covered textbooks, to go to all the museums, field trips, homeschool seminars and book sale sprees.

Later on, you may notice your students losing interest. Then frustration sets in, and you start to doubt yourself and wonder why you got yourself into this mess.

Yes, this is all perfectly normal — unless you are a robot or an alien. Change is inevitable. We can blame it on boring and difficult subjects, hormones, burnout, etc.

Why we homeschool

But one thing is certain – and that is the reason why we homeschool —because we love our children.

We want to help them discover who they are and become the best version of themselves. We want them to grow in virtue – the building blocks of character, the shaper of destiny.


The reason I love CFA is because of the love and support we have received (and continue to receive) from other homeschooling families, especially during our own times of doubt and despair.

I only have one child so we join the CFA activities so we do not miss out on having fun with friends. And I’m not just talking about socialization for the kids. We, parents need these breaks to meet with other families as well — to keep us sane and for us to receive the encouragement we need to shift gears and push on.

Questions and Concerns

First-timers or not, we will have doubts and concerns. That’s why we have Parent Coaches ready to help. They know where you are coming from. They have many years of valuable homeschooling experiences to help you along your journey.

In parting, let me say this: These homeschooling years will become the golden years of your lives as a family. Cherish them. There is nothing like having a home where we learn our lessons and live with our best-est friends in the world — our family.


Grade 6 student CJ says, “Homeschool has been a fun adventure.”

I have been homeschooling for six years now, and let me tell you the reason why I love it. The first reason is that I can pursue my interests in carpentry, writing, self-defense, piano, table tennis, and Math.

I have many friends from all ages and get to spend time with my parents talking about anything and everything under the sun — and I'm a really talkative person.

Most of all, I like homeschooling because we get to end the day by attending the Mass and praying the Rosary, thanking God for all His blessings.


Hear up, Homeschooling Parent!

You are qualified to teach your kids because you know them best.
You know their habits, quirks and what makes them stressed.
And though your patience may falter in this quest,
Look up to the Heavens and God will do the rest.

This One’s for the Kids

Homeschooling is fun because my teacher knows me best.
I can jump, eat and run during a Math test.
I sing my Sibika lessons so I won’t forget.
“Love for learning” is my mindset.


Mommy Scarlet and CJ would like to share their Sibika project last year which helped CJ memorize the different provinces per region in the country through a lively song. Check out this link: https://youtu.be/kw6dO-rPHxg

Posted on August 11, 2017 in Homeschooling 101

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