Making the Most of Homeschooling

          It was 2008 when my parents decided to take a leap of faith, making the decision to transfer me to Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA).
     I honestly wasn’t quite sure about it at first. Back then, I was 8 years old, enrolled in a conventional private school in my home province. I was in the third grade, with all of my classmates older than me by at least a year or two, but I was well settled in, and so were my siblings.


     Other people were skeptical, while some others were downright confused as to why Mom and Dad would opt to move us away from a “good school.” It was Isabela, after all, and homeschooling was a foreign concept in a place where conventional schooling was the only way to get any sort of real education.


     I didn’t have a good idea of what it would be like. My parents weren’t entirely sure either, but in the end, they pulled the trigger. The very next year, we enrolled in CFA.


          It was amazing! Homeschooling has given us a lot of opportunities and new experiences, ones that we would never have had if we hadn’t taken the plunge. Our flexible schedule gave us a lot of time to travel, visiting a lot of amazing sights and landmarks, even abroad!


          I learned to look at my lessons with my own eyes, not just through the pages of a book. It gave me confidence, a passion to learn, and a lot more time with my loving parents, who took their valuable time to teach us.


          Now, as I look back, I feel so thankful that they were able to discern what would be good for me and my siblings. I’m also incredibly grateful to CFA, for providing me with a good education and a supportive community that helped me grow. I believe CFA helped prepare me for the next big challenge, college life. I am now ready to enter the University of the Philippines, Diliman, as a BS Biology student in preparation for a medical degree, which is my ultimate dream.


          As an “elder” allow me to share to you, the “younger” ones, some insights I learned. I hope it will help you make the most of your stay in CFA.


1. Stay organized.

          Yes. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to plan out your day, and even harder to stick to it. But it’s one of the most important things you’ve got to remember if you want to have a school year that you can enjoy. The year’s a lot more fun when you aren’t thinking about those requirements you forgot to do last month.


2. Keep a nice attitude.

          A smile can go a long way, as some people have said, and it could be the first step to making new friends! Smile and spread positivity to others around you.


3. Have a love for learning.

          It’s one thing to read a book, but it’s another thing to eat up what’s written on the pages. Your world becomes wider when you have a drive to learn and a passion to know more, and there’s no better place to learn to love learning than by being homeschooled!


4. Enjoy!

          Enjoy! Yeah, you heard me right. Because you’re a homeschooler, your time is more flexible than others your age! Have some sleep, watch a movie, or go places with your family! Homeschooling is, after all, about strengthening bonds with the ones you love, so go ahead and do it!


          I have met a lot of people through the years. There were some I remember as saying that I could never get into a prestigious university, let alone UP, because “hinomeschool lang ‘yan,” and yet, here I am, ready to embark on a new journey.


          Don’t let people bring your hopes down just because you’re homeschooled. We are pioneers, and we can achieve great things.


          Now, with God by my side and the support of my family, I face this new phase in my life with sharp eyes and confidence.


by Joshua Anthony Cadelina, CFA High School Graduate

Posted on August 10, 2016 in CFA News, Homeschool Help, Homeschooling 101, Journal

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