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CFA graduate reveals his strategy on what he did for a smooth sailing school life.

Hi! My name is Michael. Today, I will be teaching you about some basic stuff about CFA.

CFA offers a homeschool program and you, as a homeschooler, own your time while studying inside your house. As you go up to a higher grade level, the time you have for play or Facebook time will decrease. But, don’t worry, that’s OK. Just learn to adjust your schedule for everything, including your studies.

If you’re in high school, your ratio should be 60:40 for studying to playing. It means that you allot more of your waking hours to your lessons than other activities.

Why use this proportion? Well, our minds are hardwired to do a lot of work at once, but it can only do so for a certain period of time. Studying can be taxing at times, so make sure to rest your mind to keep it working in full capacity.

I know there are some people who think it’s best to study for six hours continuously. That’s OK, too, just as long as you can do it, as I know some people can. Otherwise, spend 1-2 hours of studying then take a break.

There are a number of requirements given each quarter so make sure to get started once you receive this list.

How? List down the easiest to the hardest requirement, and do the most difficult one first.


Some people perform the easy requirements first thinking they could accomplish more this way. But, in my experience, it’s best to do the opposite. Start with the complicated task.

Let’s say, you are required to produce a music video. Get to it right away. If you get tired doing a tough one, try a simple activity first and consider this as your break.

Go back to a challenging chore once a rather uncomplicated one is finished. Why do the complicated things first? Because this often takes time to accomplish, about 1-2 weeks. By allowing yourself enough time, you don’t rush as much when the day for submission approaches. Makes sense? Also, if you finish all the easy ones at the start,
you’ll be left having to cram doing multiple difficult tasks all at the same time near the deadline.

I have some classmates, who keep cramming till the last week, complaining, “Michael, there are just too many requirements.” “What did you do with your seven weeks?” I’d ask and I’d find out that they have been doing the opposite of my advice above.

Again, here’s my simple tip: plan your life ahead. Plot the requirements on your calendar and follow my strategy –start with the difficult ones and do the easy ones in between.

Don’t make things complicated. School should be fun as long as you have a good strategy and stick to it.


Michael Ong is a Catholic Filipino Academy alumni and part of the pioneer batch of Grade 10 Completers (2016). He is currently taking up his Senior High School, TechVoc Track (Software Development) at iAcademy School of Computing, Business, and Design.

Posted on August 8, 2017 in CFA Alumni, Homeschool Help

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